We believe that to Age well is to Live well. It’s simple really. But it underpins everything we do.

The elderly in our community have a right to maintain their dignity, independence, and vitality (that’s the ‘Age well’ bit), so as to enjoy life to the fullest as they age (that’s the ‘Live well’ bit).

We are a specialised Allied Health Provider. Our physiotherapists, occupational therapists, exercise physiologists and dietitians work with our clients to set goals focused on health, mobility, social inclusion and freedom from pain and dysfunction. If we can shift our client’s expectations from ‘old age’ to ‘gold age’ then we know we’re doing our job. We provide services to wherever our clients call home, be it the family home, a health-care or residential aged care facility; or to a gym, pool or location of their choice.


Cirrus Health brings true service and product diversity to the aged care health sector. We provide comprehensive clinical services for individuals, and residents in the community, at home or in care

  • Residential aged care pain management
  • Home Care
  • Physio, O.T., exercise physiology
  • Dietetic Services

We come home to you.

If you’re looking for support to maintain your independence, and stay at home for as long as possible, our aged care services can help you.

Service plus.

Cirrus Health encompasses a diverse range of services for the aged, irrespective of where they live. We visit people at home, in retirement villages or residential aged care facilities.