Helping you stay independant, safe and healthy.

Cirrus Health clinicians specialise in working with our senior community. We understand that our clients want to maintain their independence, freedom of choice, dignity and self-determination. We work closely with our clients to develop plans closely aligned with these goals.


  • Integrated pain management programs under ACFI 12.3, 4a & 4b for aged care clients
  • Visiting Health professionals for private consultations and ongoing treatment needs
  • Post-illness or post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Mobility assessment and reviews
  • Falls reduction through individual or group therapy plus staff training
  • Wellness workshops
  • Health education


  • Initial and functional needs assessment
  • Environmental modifications assessments
  • Falls risk and prevention assessments and training
  • Manual handling assessment and training
  • Assistive technology and equipment prescription
  • Pain management
  • DVA services


  • Physical and functional assessment
  • Monitored exercise programs – group and individual
  • Lifestyle modification and self-management support
  • Behavioural modification strategies
  • On-going review consultations
  • Regular communication and reporting to medical professionals


  • Practical and individualised expert nutrition advice
  • Dietary treatments covering a broad range of medical conditions and situations which benefit from nutritional therapy and dietary modification including: over/underweight, unintentional weight loss, texture modified diets, diabetes, cancer, food intolerances, IBS, bowel complaints and cardiovascular disease

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We can tailor a service package to suit your budget and needs.

Mobile Therapy Service

Servicing the greater Brisbane area and Northern NSW, consumer directed home care is about choice and flexibility.